Monday, June 23, 2008

Long Time, No Post!

Well, hello! I suppose for the very few of you who read this blog on a regular basis you likely have given up on me ever returning. I don’t blame you! Life has been very hectic for me since February, the last time I posted anything. Just to catch you up on what has been going on…Spring is an extremely busy time of the year for me with work. I was in Orlando, FL for a few days before leaving for Philadelphia, PA, where I spent seven days. I finally returned home and back to a normal work schedule, FINALLY! JonParker is growing like a weed, and we have had so much fun loving him since he arrived in January. His features seem to change everyday. He smiles a lot and makes sweet little sounds in an effort to ‘talk’ to us. He is sleeping through the night for the most part so his Mommy and Daddy are pretty happy about that! Brandon had his 15th birthday March 30. He now has his driving permit which is still hard for me to believe! We also celebrated Kelly’s 26th Birthday on March 18. Westley has been busy with baseball. April 15 marked a year of construction for us on the house. So, needless to say I am more than a little proud and relieved to announce that we are officially living here, in the new house! I know, can you honestly believe it!!? We spent our first night here May 9!! It is ironic how that happened. We had already planned to begin moving that weekend anyway. Our bedroom furniture was delivered that Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, the air conditioning in the old house went out! It DIED!!! The house was like an oven by 10pm. So, we got in the car and came up to the new house with nothing in it but the bedroom furniture! We have been here ever since. I suppose if the air conditioner had to bite the dust, that weekend was the best time! We are still very far from having everything in its place, but that will come with time. We get more and more accomplished each weekend it seems.
I suppose you could say our priorities were changed for us too. On Memorial Day weekend, Kelly and I were in a car accident. To make a long story short, we were basically run over by two cars that were attempting to race down the highway. Kelly and I were in the right lane, and I was driving. I had just a few seconds to see them flying up behind us in my rearview mirror. They were trying to share the left lane. One of the cars apparently lost control and ran into us. Sending our car flipping into the air and back down onto the ground. We then slid off of the road and down into a deep ditch. The car that hit me also flipped and the second car got away somehow. We later learned from the accident report that the cars were going about 100 mph. According to several nurses at the hospital, racing down this particular stretch of hwy is becoming increasingly common as we weren’t the first ones they have seen this happen to. The driver who flipped along with us was “too intoxicated to give a statement” and arrested. To our knowledge, he wasn’t hurt. Of course, he also had NO insurance. I was discharged from the hospital the same day of the accident with a few scrapes and bruises, a jammed finger and some minor damage to my teeth.
I now have a nice little row of braces on the inside of my bottom teeth. Yep, I sure never thought I would have to revisit the braces era but here I am! The orthodontist seems to think that I will only have to wear them for about 8 weeks. I hope he’s right! Kelly, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky. He had to stay in the hospital for two days for a severe concussion, more than 30 stitches to the forehead and broken teeth. Needless to say the dentist has been our new friend over the past few weeks. There is no doubt that our guardian angels were with us that afternoon. I can’t help but think about how bad it really could have been. If there is ONE good thing that has resulted from that experience, Kelly now beats me putting his seatbelt on! So, to those of you who have read this long post, THANKS! I have honestly missed blogging and reading about everything that’s been going on in everyone’s lives. I am recommitting!