Thursday, April 30, 2009


Mommies, and Daddies too, I am curious to know at what age you began to introduce your little ones to cereal. (as in a little mixed into their formula/breast milk). I am asking because I have received many different answers. I have heard as early as two weeks from some and then others at four months. People have told me that I would ‘just know’ when Simon was ready. Please comment to share what worked for you and your baby!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things have been busy around the Reynolds household lately…lots of feedings, diaper changes and long rocks in the glider. All is still well. Just to catch up, our best friends, Jason and Jade Gaskin, welcomed Presley Matthew into the world Friday, April 10. He weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 19 inches. He is absolutely precious! It is funny to see him and Simon together because our little man looks so much bigger next to him. The picture above was taken at the hospital when Presley was just a few days old. So, you can see what I’m talking about! ;) We are looking forward to all of the good times shared with them as friends. Jade and I have joked that we will quite likely be paid back for all of the things we got in to growing up. She and I have been friends since the first grade. I think it is so awesome that we can now share this special time together too.

Simon is growing, growing and growing some more!! He was nine weeks old yesterday. We went to the doctor Friday for his first round of vaccinations. Vaccinations=NOT FUN!! Honestly, I think Mommy here probably took it harder than little Simon did. He had one vaccination by mouth and then three injections. He probably cried for less than a minute but it felt like much longer to me. He was a little fussy later that afternoon but never ran a fever. By Saturday he was back to his sweet self. He now weighs 11 lbs 7 oz and has begun to smile at us. His smiles make my day. He also still wakes twice at night to eat. Sometimes, he only wakes once. I am going to begin working again Monday. While I am sort of ready to get back into a familiar routine, I am certainly going to miss being with him all day.

We had a very nice first Easter with Simon. It was also his first time to go to church. Unfortunately, Daddy took the picture you see here of Simon and I so he wasn't in it with us. I didn't take my camera to church but some others had theirs and got a few family pictures. I'll have to post those later once I get them. In the other picture, Simon's shirt says "Baby's First Easter". I hope those of you reading this had a wonderful Easter as well!