Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We have Trusses!

Fortunately, the rain held off until late yesterday afternoon so they were able to get all of the big trusses up. It was fun watching this huge crane lift the trusses so high in the air. The middle picture is of Kelly helping to secure one of them. You really can’t tell from the picture, but he was pretty high up there! I would never be able to climb that high and focus on what I was doing long enough to hammer it into place. I would no doubt fall and break my neck…or worse! Anyway, the top picture is of the back side of the house and the final shot is of the front. I had to take the pictures from the car since it was poring rain at the time, so they aren’t the best but you get the idea. :) They are working the rest of this week to add the smaller trusses over the porch, etc. Happy hump day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Gonna Be an AUNT...Again!

I’m going to be an aunt…AGAIN! OMG! I’ve wanted to get that out for days now…whew…I feel like a load has been lifted. :) My sister and brother-in-law are expecting a baby January 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They wouldn’t allow me to share the news for a few weeks, and I just thought I would explode before I had the chance to say it. You see, I have always thought Brandon and Westley would be it for Jill and Billy. They both told me so for so long, I had given up hope years ago. I guess at the time that’s what they thought too! Until awhile back when they decided that they wanted another little Fikes running around. Wow! I was so surprised at that announcement. You can imagine my anticipation every month (we are sisters…there is no such thing as “it is personal wait until they tell me thoughts”). There was an interrogation each and every month! I wanted to know as soon as they found out! I was simply elated when I got the news that she is expecting! There will be 14 years difference between Brandon and the baby and 10 years difference for Westley. So, it has been amusing to get the different responses from people. Some automatically assume that it was an unexpected surprise…um…no! Brandon and Westley are going to be such great big brothers! Now that the official announcement is out, I just want to say that through this news I have been reminded that I don’t know everything. Yep, shocker I know but I really don’t. I think God just looks down from heaven and laughs at me sometimes…well…ok all the time…at things like this. When I get so sure that I know what my life and my family’s lives are going to be like. I think in this case he just grinned when he threw me that curve ball. Or even still, he just shakes his head and says “I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29:10-12”. I am so thankful for that. I’m so thankful that I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know that whatever it is, bad or good, I will prosper and have hope. So, I’m going to be an aunt, again!!!!!!! Have I said that already??? :) YEAH!!!! More to better believe it! :)

Happy Father's Day!

I haven’t posted in a few days, so I’m behind in wishing every father…for the very, very few who may be reading this…a happy day. I’m sure you have heard the little saying “anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a Daddy”. Well, I couldn’t agree more. It takes a REAL and SPECIAL man to be a Daddy. My Daddy and Daddy-in-law, like many others, totally deserved a day just for themselves. The above picture is of me and my Daddy at the beach on one of our summer vacations. I LOVED the ocean (still do) but was always too afraid to go into the water alone. So, I would always have him carry me through the waves. Needless to say, I was very excited and impatient for him to come out to the beach and take me to the water, so I was just pulling him along. It always seemed like we would go so, so far out but we never really did. There are many other pictures I could have used here, but I have just always liked this one. I showed it to Daddy last night. He liked it too, but I think for a different reason…he was a handsome young fellow. Still is, of course! ;) I love you Daddy!!!

The House

I just thought I would post the latest picture of our house. I took it yesterday afternoon. Things are still moving along nicely. The trusses are scheduled to go up Tuesday although there is a chance for rain. Goodness knows we need it, but I hope it comes Monday or Wednesday instead! We are going to look at brick today. I know I will be overwhelmed at all of the options. I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to decide. That’s just one of the many decisions, I know. Kelly and his Dad are still working hard on it. Over the past two weeks, they have gotten some additional help to speed things along a bit and to assist with some of the more “tricky” parts. I’ll post more pictures after the trusses are up. Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Have a Dream...

Nope, not the kind you are thinking. I hardly ever remember my dreams when I wake up. Fortunately, I don’t have nightmares very often. I do think; however, that the dream I had last night may classify as a comedic BAD dream! I must explain, before telling you about it, that I telecommute from home. This simply means that I work from a home office and make trips up to Jackson, where the organization I work for is headquartered, only periodically when needed. Well, I dreamed that I woke up this morning and just decided that it would be a good idea to drive up to Jackson (3 hours) and work from Headquarters. I had no specific purpose for it other than I thought it would be “nice”. So, I put on my white ROBE with pink HEARTS and FUZZY UG HOUSE BOOTS, don’t bother with any makeup or putting a brush through my hair, don’t even recall brushing my teeth, and drive to Jackson. Once I arrived at Headquarters, I went straight to my boss’s office (which wasn’t even located where her office actually is but inside the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S SUITE!). She was on the phone, so I plopped down on this bench outside her office and strike up a conversation with the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT! It is only then that I realize two very critical things. A) I am in my ROBE, with FUZZY UG HOUSE BOOTS, NO makeup, nappy hair and bad breath. B) I have NO reason to be there. So, I decide at that moment to panic and try to create a really “good” reason for surprising my boss by driving up to Headquarters. (Not even why I look like I do). The whole time she was on the phone, I was sitting outside her door trying to think of something to say. The last thing I remember thinking about my appearance was, “Well, maybe they will just think that I have on a short dress.” What tha’….that they won’t notice my fuzzy house boots in June, pale face with dark scary under-eye circles, hair that looks like Wendy Gul and Zeek Zeekster have been sucking on its ends, and bad breath that smells like I had a bacon, egg and POO biscuit on the drive up!!!! Where did this come from??!!!
*The picture above is of the robe and house boots that I do actually own. I was just wearing the robe last night before bed, but I haven’t worn those boots since WINTER…and not with the robe even then! I just thought you might enjoy a visual. Yes, you may officially begin to question my sanity now. It’s ok.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Growing Family

For those two or three of you who read this oh so interesting blog, you may recall a previous post last month about Kelly’s cousin, her husband and son welcoming a new baby into the family. Well, I received their sweet birth announcement today and finally have a picture to post of Ally and Big Brother, Cade. Don't you just want to squeeze them until they giggle!? :) We recently learned that Kelly's other cousin (Have I mentioned he has a lot of cousins?)and her husband will be expecting a baby January 31! So, Cade and Ally will have a little cousin of their very own to play with soon! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday!

June 11 was Ms. Marsha’s birthday. What a wonderful lady! Thank you, Lord for giving Kelly and I such a caring and thoughtful mother to love. Happy, Happy Birthday and Many, Many more!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Old Friends + Their Babies + Festival = FUN!

Pooped Out!

Too Much Festival Fun!

Becky & Asher

Ashley & Erin

I went to Birmingham Saturday to spend some long overdue time with three special college friends and their ADORABLE babies! Ashley, Becky, Erin and I were in the same social club at MUW. Now, we all live in different states so it is rare that we are ever able to see each other at the same time. We went to the Homestead Hollow Arts & Crafts Festival in Springville. It was such a neat place! If you have never been, it’s worth the trip. I definitely plan on going back in the fall. There are only certain times of the year that you can attend the festivals. They have everything from fine arts, traditional crafts, pioneer demonstrators, entertainment, great food, and children’s activities.
Although the festival was a lot of fun, my most favorite part of the entire day was lovin’ on Anna Claire, Jake and Asher. It was the first time I got to meet Anna Claire and Asher in person. I really think they liked their “Aunt Sarah” a lot. I mean, check out the picture of all three of them with me. Can’t you tell? Well, I am totally smitten anyway. :) That’s why there are so many pictures. Absolutely no way I could choose just one or two! Saturday just reminded me of how great it is to have those good ole college friends. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while it was like we hadn’t really missed a beat. I hope it always remains that way. I also hope that more of the girls can join us next time!

Friday, June 1, 2007

34 and 1

Today is a special day. No, not because it is Friday! :) My parents have been married for 34 years today! Two of the most WONDERFUL people I know. I love them SO much. They have always been so supportive of my sister and me through everything and provided us with such a loving, nurturing and Christian home. They still do! There is no place like home, right!! Today also marks one year in my current job. Wow, how time flies! I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I do and who I work for. It has been a great year working with them. I have learned and experienced so much. So, everyday is a blessing to be celebrated, but I have two extra special reasons to praise the Lord today! What blessings I have received! Happy Anniversary Momma and Daddy! I love you!!