Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We are almost completely finished with the outside of the house. We only lack having the columns put in under the porch. I am still trying to decide on paint colors. The pressure is on, because they want to begin painting this weekend! Yikes! These pictures were taken yesterday. Maybe we will be in by Thanksgiving!

Birthday Girl!

My Mom’s Birthday was September 20. We had birthday dinner for her last weekend at a local Mexican restaurant and they put a sombrero on her head and sang to her…fun was had by all! I have such an amazing Momma! I love her more than words can say. This picture was taken for her job. She would likely kill me if she knew I put it on here, but I think it’s great! Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Anniversary

September has been such a busy month! Kelly and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on the 13th. My, how time flies! We have actually been together for about eight years. We started dating in high school and through college. Although we had talked about marriage often and knew that it was something we both wanted, the proposal was still a complete surprise. Kelly called me at school one September afternoon and said that he wanted to take one final trip to the beach before summer was over. So, after having birthday dinner for my Mom that night we drove to Florida for the weekend. We spent the next day on the beach and that afternoon Kelly said that he wanted to take a walk on the beach before we went to dinner. I noticed that he kept pacing around the room while I was getting ready and rushing me to finish. When I finally walked out of the bathroom he was standing on the balcony with this terribly sad expression on his face. I looked behind him and saw why. It was pouring rain! I still thought to myself how odd it was for him to be that worked up over not getting to walk on the beach. I think I remember saying something like…”We can walk when we get back. It’s no big deal.” But it was a big deal because he had planned to propose to me on the beach! He was so nervous!!! At that point, he said he could wait no longer. After asking me to sit down (it was at this point that I got the hint.) and saying all of the sweet things girls dream to hear… we became engaged and were married the following September! It is still one of my favorite stories to tell. I am blessed to have Kelly in my life. I love him very much, and I’m thankful for the years we have been together. Lord willing, I am looking forward many, many more!